Recipe: Hawaiian Poke

Until visiting Hawaii this summer, we never would have guessed how much better poke gets when paired with My Rock Rosé !Who knew?


A Hawaiian staple, the light fresh ahi tuna intermingles with the delicate nature of this rose. The acid cuts through the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce to show off the subtle flavor of the fresh ahi tuna hidden underneath. The bright crispness of the rosé compliments the umami flavor from the sauce, allowing you to enjoy both without one masking the other.



  1. Slice tuna into 1/2 inch cubes
  2. Combine tuna, sauces, seasonings in a bowl and cover. Place in fridge to marinate at least 30min, the longer the better
  3. While marinating, make the rice. You can make regular rice or try your hand at sushi rice. Click here for our favorite sushi rice recipe.
  4. When rice is done, place in fridge to cool. About 10min.
  5. Scoop rice onto a plate and top with marinated poke and green onion
  6. Serve with My Rock Rosé and enjoy!

Pro Tip:

Add some grilled onion and bell pepper into the mix, you won't regret it!