Stonemason Society

The Stonemason Society is a program where customers can pay an annual subscription fee in order to receive free shipping on all* orders throughout the year. Customers can join the Stonemason Society without becoming a Foundation member. The discount is 10% off of wine and there is no annual wine purchase commitment. The cost of a typical shipment of 3 bottles is about $20, with 12 bottle case shipping rates as high as $60. Joining the Stonemason Society is a great way to save money on wine and make wine ordering fast and easy.

How Does It Work? We charge our Society members $89 in January. For those of you that sign up today, you will be charged a "pro-rate" of $7.42 per month for the remainder of the months in the year. By adding the Stonemason Society to your cart and purchasing you are authorizing us to charge your card for the total of the "pro-rate" and enroll you into our Stonemason Society shipping program . Discount and free shipping available immediately upon sign up. This item is non refundable.

*Minimum 3 bottles per shipment